Q:  Why should I pay someone else to do what I am already paying my front staff to do?

A:  The day-to-day operations of a dental office are hectic and volatile. The front office staff is having to deal with patients checking in and out, constant phone calls, and much more. Verifi’s only focus is ensuring the accuracy of your patient’s benefits. Additionally, your front office will benefit from being freed up several additional hours each week to work on more productive tasks like filling holes in the schedule, recall, etc.

Q:  When are the insurances verified for each day?

A:  We normally gather information for schedules 2 or 3 days ahead of time. This allows your office to contact any patient that there may be an issue with. It also affords you the chance to fill in any potential holes in the schedule caused by a patient cancelling due to their policy being terminated.

Q:  What happens if an emergency patient is added same day?

A:  We typically ask for 24 hours notice to get a patient’s benefits verified; however, we will do our best to help out regardless.

Q:  What information is gathered when you get a “breakdown of benefits” for a patient?

A: Verifi will get all of the “big picture” information (maximums, deductibles, category percentages, frequencies and limitations for common services). In addition to that, we consult with your staff to determine any other codes or frequencies you are normally gathering and make sure we include those.


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